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Hire the number one Search Engine Marketing Company in Kanpur

We are a leading Search Engine Marketing Company situated in Kanpur by the name of SERP Rank Plus. SEM is one of the most effective tools to grow your business online. Contrary to SEO, Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid advertisement in the form of Google AdWords to enhance your business's online visibility in the digital space. In recent years, many companies have started realizing its importance, and they do not shy away from investing in such tools that give them a cutting edge over their competitors.

Best Search Engine Marketing Company in Kanpur

We have a dedicated team specializing in creating Search Engine Marketing campaigns and allocating your budget/bidding amount to its optimum levels. We leave no stone unturned to enhance your online visibility on the Search Engine Result Page so that you can derive maximum return on your investment (ROI)

Popular Features

SEM Specific Keyword research

This is the primary stage of building strong Search Engine Marketing Campaigns where we do extensive keyword research relating to your niche industry. Our dynamic team dedicates a lot of time researching and analyzing the relevant keywords for your business. Our prime focus remains on targeting long-tail, less competitive keywords to increase your chances of gaining more clicks and visibility. 

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Account Structure

Our next approach after the keyword research remains to optimize your account structure. We believe in choosing smart keywords for your inorganic campaigns and rationally group your keywords, enabling you to get lower cost per click, higher CTR (i.e., Click-through Rates), and overall good performance

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Ad Auction

This determines how much budget are you willing to spend on creating your Ads? There is a large misconception in the market that the higher you bid, the higher becomes the possibility for your Ad to rank in the top positions of your Search Engine Result Page. Although the bidding amount is a relevant
deciding factor in placing your ads, it is not the only one. The Google Algorithm makes sure that it assesses pertinent other parameters, too, while indexing your website.

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Quality Score

As stated in the above point, Google Algorithm analyses a website based on the quality score before deciding about your rankings. Three factors determine the website's quality score, i.e., landing page experience, ad relevancy, and Click-Through Rates (CTR). It is one of the most important metrics that Google focuses on while placing your ads on its Search  Engine Result Page.

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We use WordStream as our PPC Management protocol. Our main objective remains to manage and monitor your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns in the most
efficient and cost effective manner. It helps us filter out all unnecessary activities to primarily target ton those tactics that can provide you maximum ROI at the least cost possible. 

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PPC Advertising

We help you optimize your budget to its optimum levels so that you can derive maximum returns at the lowest cost. PPC stands for Pay per Click. It is a parameter to decide how much you are willing to spend on each click that your visitors might be clicking at.

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Select Best Search Engine Marketing Company in

SERP Rank Plus takes pride in being one of the best Search Engine Marketing Company in Kanpur. We undertake your projects with
complete responsibility and help you enhance your digital presence across all online platforms. Search Engine Marketing is an inorganic method, i.e., paid advertising technique to boost your online visibility.

Read our testimonials from happy clients

We understand our client's concern of being quite skeptical about choosing the right company that can help you in marketing your business. For this, we suggest you read the testimonials of our satisfied clients on our website so that you don't fall behind in making the right decision and trusting us.

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Enhance your choices

We believe in not just being business-oriented and convince you only to choose us. However, we suggest that you take all your decision wisely and do thorough research before investing your money in any Digital Marketing Agency for such services. We want you to exercise full discretion and enhance your choices while opting for an agency

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New trends and developments

We make sure to keep ourselves updated on the latest industry trends and analytics to not fall behind in this competitive era. We believe in keeping ourselves up to date to serve you with our best services and build
trustworthy relationships with our clients.

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