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Hire the #1 Lead Generation Company in Kanpur

SERP Rank Plus is a renowned Lead Generation Company having its origins in Kanpur. Every business enterprise's ultimate objective is to attract maximum leads from varying sources to ultimately result in more conversions and Return on Investment (ROI). We help you in developing campaigns that will help you in getting the maximum amount of leads. Our team uses professional demographics to target your audiences based on their taste and behaviors like Industry, Company, Location, Age, Gender, etc.

Best Lead Generation Company in Kanpur

We put in our best efforts to fulfill your lead requirement by focusing on and targeting your core audiences. Our team adopts a systematic approach to retarget your website visitors and expand your outreach. We match your potential audiences with the help of a systematic account-based marketing campaign. We also make sure to set up custom targeting options so that you can invest your time and money wisely on appropriate channels.

Popular Features

Generating Traffic- The primary stage to get your website visitors converted into leads is to escalate the website traffic itself. 

Our team

Our team uses specific built-in tools and strategies to help you attract a maximum number of relevant visitors to your website. We rely on several platforms like Google, Social Media Platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, E-Mail Marketing, etc. Getting good leads is
the most crucial aspect of revenue generation.

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Conversion of website visitors into leads

No matter how much traffic your website manages to attract, at the end of the day, every business is primarily concerned with getting more leads. We channelize our expertise to optimize your website, not to fail you to get leads and more traffic. We make sure to track your website visitors through an analytics account and approach them personally for their feedback.

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Conversion of Leads into Customers

Once your website starts getting leads, our next approach remains to get your visitors converted into customers. A large consumer base is something that each company expects from any Digital Marketing Agency. We
leave no stone unturned to adopt a systematic and organized approach while building up your lead generation campaigns.

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Tools and Plugins

Our team members keep themselves updated with all the advanced tools and plugins. It helps them to optimize your ad campaigns to the best of its functionalities. We target your core audience based on relevant demographic
parameters like age, location, gender, behaviors, interest, etc., and design our campaigns accordingly. We give our best when it comes to generating leads for you so that you can skyrocket your business digitally

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Rational Budget Allocation

We decide on your budget and allocate the funds to the ad-campaigns. It helps you derive maximum Return on Investment (ROI) at least CTR (Click through Rate) to get the most leads. Our prices differ based on set parameters like the objective and vision you have for your business. Besides that, we also help you with a Lead generation specialist who offers you free demos and trials to find what suits you best.

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Direct Mailing

Once we track your website visitors, our next endeavor remains to approach them through their personal mail. Our remarketing strategy is to inform your visitors about new products, advertising sales offer and incentives (if any), conducting surveys, follow-up questions, and many more. For mailing, we use email marketing tools like Mail-chimp, which expands your campaign outreach even more.

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We take pride in the fact that we are one of the best Lead Generation companies in Kanpur. Our team specializes in lead generation so that you don't have to take any trouble getting more customers or clients for your business. Our approach remains primarily focused on helping you achieve your business objective and vision to benefit from your website visitors, and they get converted into your leads.

Customer Testimonials

We feel fortunate that we have experience working with people and serving them to the best of our capabilities. You can always go through the proven testimonials and portfolio of our satisfied consumers so that you  can place your trust in us.

Enhance your choices

We believe that you must be smart enough while choosing the appropriate Digital Marketing Agency to meet your requirements. We suggest you go through their experience and the clients whom they have worked with before. It will help you to place your trust.

New Trends and Developments

Our skilled team members of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) subscribe to the latest updates and tools for expanding your campaign. They make sure to deliver you the best possible returns on your investments


We are a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kanpur serving as an umbrella for various other internet marketing services, apart from Lead Generation. We help you allocate your budget wisely so that it can deliver you maximum returns at the least cost possible. We design your campaign in such a way that it can help you grow your business digitally across several online platforms.


Our team comprises skilled and experienced professionals who give their best efforts to expand your ad campaign. We help you open new horizons for you not to have to struggle while scaling your business digitally.


We feel fortunate that we have experience working with people and serving them to the best of our capabilities. You can always go through the proven testimonials and portfolio of our satisfied consumers so that you  can place your trust in us.


We customize your budget in a very optimum way to serve you with the maximum return at the least cost possible. We help you to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) at the least cost possible.


We provide you with robust referral platforms,
both online and offline. We rely on consumer reviews and refer your products/services to others through our referral system. These recommendations go a long way to generate more leads.


SERP Rank Plus is proud to be the best Lead Generation Company in Kanpur that helps your website visitors get converted into potential leads. We adopt a very organized and systematic approach while generating leads for your business. It is a vital and crucial aspect of placing your ads because lead generation is every business's ultimate objective.



We remain very dedicated and sincere towards our projects that you assign us.


Our Lead Generation team only comprises the most skilled and experienced people in this domain.


We assure you to deliver the best results at the most reasonable price structure you can find in the market.


We also make sure to keep each client's personal details, their ad
campaigns wholly confidential and discreet.

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