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Best Content Marketing Company in India

SERP Rank Plus, besides a leading Digital Marketing Company, is also a professional Content Marketing Agency. Our team curates and markets the Content of your WEBSITE to the best online mediums that will boost your website traffic and create brand awareness. We  believe promoting and publicizing the Content is even more challenging than creating it, and our team of experts does not fail in both aspects.

Popular Features

Market Automation

We work on your content marketing campaigns after thorough research and analysis. Our dedicated team uses automated tools on market automation to find the right channels and publicize your brand to a greater outreach. We believe such automated tools can serve to be the most cost-efficient with more reliability.

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Lead Generation

The best marketing campaign can pave ways for you to drive necessary consumer action, resulting in higher traffic and generating more leads. We at SERP Rank Plus believe that 'content is the king,' and we never compromise on that front while handling your projects. Its importance can never be neglected, especially in this digital era, when we are all bombarded with  Content all over the internet.

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To make sure we are not failing or making a mistake on any front, we make it a point to monitor your analytical data continuously. It helps us know what campaigns are performing best, what channels drive more traffic and leads, the consumer engagement ratio, etc.

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Social Media Dominance

It is undeniable that there can't be an any better medium than social media to generate content marketing campaigns. We use several popular platforms to create and market your Content across social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Not only does this has a high engagement factor, but it also attracts a huge chunk of audience globally

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Email Marketing

Just like social media, Email marketing also plays a vital role in content marketingOur team of experts uses automated email marketing tools such as mail-chimp to target a vast section of the interested audience through this medium. It is an inevitable aspect of the world of marketing and brand awareness. Our team builds a list of emails where our core target should be to have a very well defined audience who might be
interested in your products. 

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Besides creating content marketing campaigns, we post regular blogs so that people going through our Content can also get to know about various developments and trends that are taking place in their related industry or domain. Blogs are too very crucial in terms of informal style so that your Content becomes a little witty and humorous. 

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Content Marketing Company in Kanpur

We believe in catering to our client's demand to expand their brand's outreach across different digital platforms and web space. We use high graphics images, videos, GIFs, and written Content to ensure that you do not fall behind in any respect. We create and distribute high-quality, relevant, and engaging Content to a very well defined audience.

Select the best Content Marketing company in Kanpur

We at SERP Rank Plus have experienced content writer professionals who guarantee you quality content and use specialized marketing channels for your brand awareness. We leave no stone unturned to churn and shape the Content most effectively so that it can strike chords with the potential visitors to your website.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a strategic marketing technique that our experts use to create engaging and high-quality Content. The target we keep in mind here is to craft and shape the Content to target a very well defined audience who might be interested in your business.

Digital Advertising Services

Here, we offer you a plethora of services like PPC, Geo- fencing Services, Influencer Services, Remarketing Services, Social Media Advertising, Online Media Buying Services, and many more. We spare no opportunity to tailor content that could enhance your digital presence over the internet.

Account-Based Marketing

We create digital marketing campaigns with our core target on highly relevant accounts with maximum revenue potential. We identify potential companies, discover the influencers, Engage with key players, create advocates for your product services.

Who are we?

We are a Content Marketing Company having our origins in the city of Kanpur. Our team comprises specialized and experienced Content Creators who curate engaging and high-quality content to target your core audience. The campaigns we create help you in the objective you want to accomplish. Keeping that in mind, we design your content  architecture to make it more visually appealing.

Steps We Follow

SERP Rank Plus believes in organized work culture and co-ordination. It is the reason why we adopt a very well defined and procedural  endeavor while designing and marketing your Content.  


The primary stage in creating and marketing any piece of Content is thorough research and analysis on the similar niche. We spend a considerable amount of our time in research and analysis because we
believe it is the standing pillar that determines your campaign's success.

Content Creation

Once we are done with the research, we move forward to create the Content and optimize it with high graphics images, videos, written Content, GIF's, etc.

Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

Our team leaves no stone unturned while selecting the appropriate marketing mediums and channels. We keep your core audiences in mind, and judiciously chose our channels.

Why should you choose us?

Expert Content Marketers

Our team of content marketers consists of experienced professionals in this domainand that we believe makes them more skilled and proficient in their work.

Best Results

We deliver you the best results at the earliest time possible and at the cheapest cost and also we try our level best to alter and optimize the results as per our client's demand

Organized Work Culture

We believe it is a systematic and
administrative approach to building and marketing your Content.


We assure you to keep your projects totally discrete and confidential . Our  IT security team keeps a record of the projects  and manages it  

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